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Frequently Asked Questions

 We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please call or you may send email to ronnie@a-1comfort.com



There are many different brands to choose from, which brand is best?

 There is no best brand, most every brand has both standard and deluxe equipment. Everyone's home is different,  we at A-1 Comfort Systems match each system we sell according to what fits your home the best. We then work within your budget as to use standard or deluxe equipment. Deluxe units usually offer a better warranty and other features such as pressure switches and quieter operation.


Does it matter which contractor I choose?

 Yes, it does matter who you choose to be in your home. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured for the type work you are planning. They should be a established company that you can count on being there years down the road when you need them. The truth is that many new company's come and go every year, many offer a really low price for their services but are gone next year when you need them. If you have some older phone books to compare to your newer one, you can see for yourself. Check your local Better Business Bureau for any negative complaints. They need not be a member, but any problems reported should have been resolved.


How many bids/estimates should I get?

 Three bids/estimates is usually a good idea. Any more than three can become very confusing as everyone will be telling you something different.


Should I go with the lowest price?

 All reputable company's should be within a reasonable range of each other when comparing apples to apples. If a company's price is considerably lower than everyone else, you would have to wonder if they are cutting corners and not doing the same quality of work as their competitors. The lowest price is not usually the best value.